Education CS Magoha Issues Out A Worrying News Concerning Admission Of Form One

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CS Magoha has witnessed on his own in kisumu country where student admission exercise is in a low turn -out,the economy of kenya this period is pressings down so many peoples,they have no capital to purchase school requirements including uniforms not requirements but also school fees,will parent blaim the academic calendar or covid-19

.Professor Magoha announced that no principal should send out of school for payment purposes,will students starve to hunger in school or lack other requirements necessary for academic excellence, CS Magoha takes things for granted since it better to follow no shortcut but to mantain the best track.

Students come from different background but they meet in school as one family,will there be policy of equality when other enjoy on expense of others school fees since the government merited for it.Parent should be patient as the former academic calendar progresses late this year, please like follow band comment on this news.

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