Sello just married his beautiful young wife but his ex-wife wants spousal support.

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Sello Maake Kancube is one of the best actors that we have in South Africa, most people know him from the old Generations that play in SABC1 he played a character of a businessman that comes from a wealthy family, he was also on the Queen.

Sello was in the news recently when he shared that he is getting married to his young wife he looked so happy, but I guess his happiness will not be for long because his ex-wife Palesa Mboweni is suing him for spousal support and legal fees.

Imagine after getting married instant of enjoying your honeymoon you have to deal with courts and lawyers that is not how to start a new marriage, but I hope that they and his ex-wife will come to an agreement that will be best for both of them.

Courts can be stressful and expensive it's better to sort their issues out of court.

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