Silver Polo Vivo hijacked at Odi Klipgat yesterday morning

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Be on the look out a silver Polo was stolen yesterday early morning when the victim was shopping for Easter holiday at Klipgat shopping center, 15 April 2022.

According to the information given the victim was attacked after shopping in the morning arlu 10:00am the vehicle was taken at gun point today from the owner by 4 suspect, alleged armed and dangerous.

The polo vivo Sedan registration number DX52FW GP it was hijacked at Odi Klipgat, yesterday morning the suspect abducted the victim and drove around with him in the Odi, It was later discovered that the suspect was dumped on the road in tall grass tied but unharmed.

The victim was assisted by a passersby who heard voice that was coming in tall grass, but he was also tied in the mouth. But managed to make sounds that could be heard by anyone passing nearby.

To his great shock find the suspect tied up and he immediately untied him and the victim explained what happened to him and why he was tied, the passerby got help against for the man to get transportation to get him to the near by police station.

A case was open and the police had urge to assist the male victim in search of his vehicle, a silver police vivo. That was hijacked yesterday in Odi.

Police also released a statement to ask for assistance from those, those that may have information about the hijacked vehicle or the where about of the vehicle and suspects in possession of the vehicle.

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