What it Means to be "Beautiful" in different Cultures Around the World.


1. Face Tattoos:

In New Zealand, tattooing the chin and lips of Māori women of is considered beautiful. This tradition has been around for really long time, the tattoo consists of patterns called Ta-Moko in black or dark blue inked on the woman’s face. Ta-Moko tattoos are also a public declaration of one’s membership in the Māori tribe.


2. Foot Binding:

Before being banned in the 1940’s, foot binding was a huge part of Chinese culture. The process of foot binding involved breaking all of the toes and bending them backwards against the sole of the foot, and then binding them in place with a tight fabric wrapping. The result was small and petite feet which is considered highly attractive in China.


3. Lip Plates:

Lip plates are main accessories of beauty for women of the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia. Usually, the women’s top or bottom two front teeth are removed to accommodate the lip plate, which is fitted during teenage years and gradually gets larger. The larger the lip plate, the more attractive the women is considered.

4. Ear Stretching:

Ear Stretching is a popular ritual for both males and females in South America and Africa. They first piece their ears, and use weights to eventually stretch out their earlobes until they are almost shoulder length. This is done as a sign of beauty and tribal love.

5. Neck Stretching:

Women of the Kayan tribe in Burma, and women in Thailand have participated in neck stretching for centuries. As young as five years old, brass rings are fixed around the necks of the girls, and every year, more are added. These rings can weigh up to 22 pounds, and the more rings a woman has, the more elegant and beautiful she is considered.

6. plus size figures:

In Mauritania, women with full figures are considered incredibly beautiful, and slim women are considered physically undesirable. Mauritanian parents will even send their girls to “Fat camps,” where the girls would eat up to 16,000 calories a day to prepare for marriage. On top of that, stretch marks are considered a bonus, and even more beautiful.

7. Heart Shaped Faces:

In South Korea, the new wave is undergoing plastic surgery to make one’s face appear more heart shaped. This procedure involves breaking the jaw bone into three parts, removing the middle part, and fusing the other two together to create a pointed chin. This face shape is seen as the most beautiful facial structure on South Korean women.

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