Fatima Of Daterush Should Be Given Clay To Create Her Own Man- Fans Bash Fatima For Bouncing David.


According to some Twitter users, who are big fans of Tv3’s dating reality show, “Daterush”, they think Fatima aka “Girl them boss” should be given clay, so that she will create her own man for rejecting such a handsome guy like David.

She said on the show that she doesn't want to go out with David because she thinks he is too boring for her. And she wants a guy who is full of energy and not a guy who is dull as David.

Her comments about the nature of David got massive comments from the fans as some of them even went ahead to comment that she is not serious at all and she is not there to search for a date or else she would have grabbed a handsome guy like David.

Whiles others also commented that they don’t think she will get a date on the show because all the guys who come are not always her type and they think God should just give her some clay to create her man.

What is say on this show and Fatima’s comments about David?

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