Stop lamenting about the Nigeria Naira, see the exchange rate of this Africa currency

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We all know exchange rate is the value of one currency to that of another. But here i will be making use of the United State Dollar. Most Nigerians weep about the exchange rate of one USD to Nigeria Naira, but they are some countries Nigeria is far better than. 

Below are some of the exchange rate of 1 USD to Their individual currency 

1)Sao Tome And Principe Dobra

Sao Tome and Principe Dobra is said to be the smallest country in Africa and also rated as the country with the weakest currency in the continent due to the exchange rate to dollar.

Here is the exchange rate:

 1USD = 20919.26 STD

2) Sierra Leone 

The Sierra Leone currency known as the Leon was first introduced in the year 1964. The exchange rate from 1 dollar to the Leon is:

1USD = 9930 SLL.

3) Guinea 

Guinea currency is known as the Guinean Franc and Currently the lowest denomination in circulation in Guinea is 2000 francs.

1USD = 9775 Guinean franc 

4) Uganda

Uganda make use of the Ugandan shilling, currently the exchange rate of 1 USD to Ugandan shilling is 

 1USD = 3739.46 Ugandan Shilling

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