Here Is A Simple Guidline On How To Pay For your KRA Penalties For Not Filing Returns


Filing tax returns should be taken with much seriousness it deserves. Many tax payers however, miss to file their tax obligations until when they are post deadline which further pose some penalties to them. This article will help the you get some guidlines on how to pay and clear KRA penalties for not filing returns within the timelines. This article will only explain how penalty payments can be done through MPESA.

Step1: To pay for the late submission penalties first open the KRA portal.

Step2: Click on the "apply for your pin" button and if you already have a pin simply click " Enter pin/User ID"

Step3: Type your personal KRA tax account; find the special residential income tax return form. Now click on the download button and print the form and if you want to pay a bill online you will have to get correct MPESA paybill.

Step4: Fill in the form carefully ensuring all the manatory fields are filled with correct information to avoid further complications.

Step5: After filling the form, submit and send. If you are doing the filing up mandatory then just upload the finished document to KRA portal.

Step6 : After the form has been submitted, you can generate an electronic payment slip. Check carefully before proceeding with payment . Once you get the payment slip you can either pay any KRA banking partners or with online MPESA push platforms.

Step7: If you have chosen MPESA method, then you should have KRA paybill number: 572572 and your personal account which is usually generated electronically and is located on the upper right corner of your slip.

Step8:After that you will receive a message confirmation indicating your penalty payment.