Size8, The Wajesus And MC Jessy Throwback Love Photos


Many celebrities are always not proud of their past lives. A few of them posts their photos on social media for most people to see. For instance today some of them posted their throw back photos on social media.

1. MC Jessy

He shared on his instagram account a photo of him with his first love Where people thought that it was either Zeddy or Mammito from Churchil since they looked alike.

2. DJmo

DJmo and size8 must have started dating a while ago. Basing on the photo he shared of them on social media, the two looked very young. They must be proud seeing this photos after all the evolvement they have undergone. They have helped each other grow and this is one of the things that everyone always wishes for.

3. The Wajesus

They are also amongst one of the most celebrated Kenyan power couples. Looking at their photos, it is with no deny that they knew each other before they got the property which they own at the moment.