Latest Opinion Poll Reveals Widening Gap Between Thangwa and Waikenda In Kiambu Senate Race

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Photo. Karungo Wa Thangwa (UDA)

The latest opinion poll from Kiambu County has revealed of interesting details ahead of the August 9th polls. The poll that was conducted by Mizani Africa has affirmed that if elections were conducted today, Karungo Wa Thangwa would be elected as the next senator with 56 percent commanding support. His main competitor and Uhuru's Adviser Michael Waikenda would get only 25 percent support.

Photo. Michael Waikenda (Jubilee)

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This is an interesting poll as it just confirms of what is going to happen ahead of the August 9th polls in Kiambu County. Interestingly, Karungo Wa Thangwa is a UDA is a aspirant yet Kiambu County is Uhuru's own political bedroom given he hails from the county.

This is the clearest demonstration that finally UDA might carry the day in Kiambu County. There was another opinion poll that showed that showed all the UDA leaders in the front role especially in the Mt Kenya region block something that without a doubt must worry Uhuru Kenyatta.

This polls are a true picture of what might happen at the ballot going into the August 9th polls as they are answered by the people. The fact of the matter is that jubilee party has been overthrown in the Mt Kenya region block and they can only blame themselves for it's them who chased members from their party.

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