Over 20 Nigerian jokes that will make you laugh


Some jokes can make you laugh and get choked, some can make you forget your sorrow throughout the day.

1. One Hausa man called me on phone, I told him that it was a wrong number and cut the call. the Hausa man called back to ask me if I knew the correct number?

2. So Because The Doctor Asked You To Change your Drinking Habit, you're Now Drinking Beer With Spoon? Keep it on if you think it will affect me.

3. I Payed 80k to sleep in Silver Hotel and you aee saying i should not unirate on the bed? Are you normal?

4. I payed 20K for Cooked Rice, chicken and Wine and you are saying I shouldn't lick the Plate and take the emptied wine bottle home? You must be a joker.

5. If You didn't go to atleast 3 different classroom to look for duster, just forget it, You never went to a Nigerian School.

6. My neighbour is cooking jollof rice She's even frying plantain, Let me go and play with her children. I dont know why I love children so much.

7. Please can someone snap 1000 Naira recharge card and send it to me then I will snap 1000 Naira note and send it back to the person, we don't have 1000 Naira card in my area. God bless you.

8. When you enter Heaven's gate and angels start hailing you "bad badoo baddest" Just be jogging to hell.

9. He knows when your periods ends, but he doesn't know your birthday. my sister is your boyfriend a medical doctor?

10. That ugly moment when your girlfriend throws you on the bed, trying to be sexy, but you hit your head on the bedstead and die. My brother you are going to Hell straight.

11. Corruption is when you fart and you still join others to look out for who farted. My dear God will judge you.

12. We have 2 types of SARS, SARS on the beat & SARS that beat people.

13. Just because I borrowed a pen from a cashier and forgot to return it, I got home now and received a debit alert of 70 Naira, Firstbank! My God will fight for me!!

14. I have decided to be the DJ on my Wedding day. I don't trust children of nowadays, they can dance one corner & fall my Cake.

16. Your Mum or sister Will beg You To assist her Unhooking Her "Bra", You'll Be Doing Like Snail , But When it's "Babe", You suddenly becomes Fast And Furious part 8, dear Just tell me why your hell fire will not have a SUYA stand?

17. You are renting a room and you come online on Facebook and post stuff like "Having breakfast on bed" like you have a choice

18. Nigerians are like, I want to buy Tin Tomatoes, the Sachet one, Weldone sir! my confused generation.

19. I saw a tricycle earlier today with an inscription "trust no lady", I have a feeling that the guy once had a Range Rover

20. When girls run out of cosmetics the next thing they will upload in their status is "MAKE UP FREE DAY, LOVING IT ALL NATURAL".

21. Am sure 99.9% of nigeria Adult doesn't know that nursery rhymes "sandalili sandalili" is actually "standard living standard living" i know you trying to sing it now! That is why you are a Nigerian

22. Can someone please deposit money into my Firstbank Account? I want to know if my alert is still working

23. Dear Guys "Treat your girlfriend like Toothbrush, don't let anyone touch or use it, only you alone should use it" Keep it Clean and Safe. (I know the girls are Happy now) Also don't forget to change it every 3 months.

24. Why do chickens always run before having sex?

25. Wickedness is when you read and forget to react or comment my brother and sister, your thunder is doing exercises?

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