Limpopo Dept of education staff were reportedly blocked from leaving by angry parents: Here is why

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The issue of placement of learners in schools remains a major concern in South Africa. A report was issued of tensions that had built in parents whose children had not yet been placed in Limpopo schools.It was reported that the Limpopo Department of Education staff were blocked from exiting the offices by the raging parents until they offered them what they wanted.

It was alleged by News24 that the parents blocked gates that prevented the employees from leaving when they wanted to.There were no reported violent scenes but the street on which the offices are located was reportedly closed . The incident was confirmed by law enforcement agencies.

The issue of placements remains a challenge in South Africa. Limpopo parents are not the only ones affected by the problem, but there are other parents in the rest of the country with the same concerns .

This is a sign that there is much that needs to be done by the Department of Basic Education to address the concerns of parents. This issue of placements is always troubling parents on a yearly basis.A number of factors have to be taken into consideration by the Department of Basic Education to help address the problem.

Capacity is another factor that is contributing to the placement challenges .Schools need to be built on a regular basis in order to help reduce pressure regarding capacity. If more schools are to be built, it will go a long way in ensuring that there are no placement challenges.

Another issue that needs to be addressed by the Department of Basic Education is to ensure that the online system is enhanced such that parents are able to have their challenges solved online.

If parents are able to do everything online , it will help reduce tensions within parents.When parents fail to get assisted on line and go to the offices physically, there is bound to be tensions when they get nothing as well, just like what took place in Limpopo yesterday.

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