[OPINION] Is Julius Malema Trying To Kill Us. See What He Said That Left Mzansi Furious

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[OPINION] Is Julius Malema Trying To Kill Us. See What He Said That Left Mzansi Furious

Source: Economic Freedom Fighter twitter page

Source: eNCA403 and Newzroom405 twitter page and live channel


I still can't believe that Julius Malema is advising South African citizens to go the stadiums knowing that there are still Covid-19. Malema is one among those people who does not believe in Covid-19 until he test positive. 

EFF Calls For The Reopening of Stadium's. The EFF is today picketing outside the offices of the Department of Sports, Arts & Culture. The party is joined by sports fans, car guards and artists calling for the reopening of stadium's. 

Malema said that it does not matter whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated. The @EFFSouthAfrica leader @Julius_S_Malema said no one must force anyone to vaccinate,we must vaccinate on our own accord.Everyone who wants to attend a game must go not because they are vaccinated. We will march to SAFA offices if stadiums are not opened within a week. Malema said everyone who want to go to stadiums must go freely. He also said that every student should go back to their university whether they are vaccinated or not vaccinated. 

MALEMA: "We must vaccinate. But no one should be forced to vaccinate, even when stadiums open." 

Malema used example of people tested HIV that no body forced them to do sexual intercourse and no body ask them whether they used condom or nor.

MALEMA: "We once were encouraged people to use a condom. But no one checked rooms to see if in deed people are using a condom. You encourage people. Not force them."

MALEMA: "Ramaphosa went to have a rally at the stadium, then after closed the stadium because of COVID-19." 

MALEMA: "We are supposed to go to Parliament but Ramaphosa is speaking hybrid because of COVID-19. It's not Covid-19, it political management. He's scared to be held accountable."

Julius Malema want t the economy to open and everyone should be held accountable for their own life. He says that everyone should be responsible for their own life. Even at stadiums they don't require anyone who is vaccinated or not vaccinated, everyone should be held responsible for their own life.

MALEMA: "Open the economy. Open the stadiums. Children are no longer going to school because their stomachs are empty."

 According to Malema Children stomachs are empty because theor parents can’t find work since they must now compete for work opportunities with foreigners.

Malema said that In weeks time, if they don't open. They will be going to SAFA. And even find our way to FNB stadium and sleep there. And wake up the next day and show them that they are still alive.


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