'Health for Peace, Peace for Health' - 75th World Health Assembly Theme.

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Today, every citizens of the world are extremely concerned about their health and health related issues, such a case we all expect the WHO (World Health Organization) must be more concerned and up and doing. 

The 75th World Health Assembly started this Sunday. The theme of this year’s Health Assembly is “Health for Peace, Peace for Health”. Till 28 May 2022, delegates, partner agencies, representatives of civil society and WHO experts will discuss current and future priorities for global public health issues for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will be of great help if this topic can sink into the heart of all men. "Peace for health" remains the most effective way we can curb the menace of pandemics. This is because it has turned to weapon of warfare among some oppressors. May the creator of all men turn our hearts against evil.

We all pray and trust they make every positive decisions to provide best health care to lower income people around the world. It is requested to introduce health care insurance scheme to every eligible people of every country. 

All images credited by WHO. Thank you for reading.

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