Signs that she has never been in a relationship before


1. She is not on social media.

It is no lie that most of the time spent on social media races across looking at cute baby animals and the rest we know where it goes to stalking at our partners. No partners and no stalks equal no need for social media.

2. None of her hobbies involve interaction.

Most of us took a hobby at the first place to link people we could date. Hobbies are therefore great for all. If her hobbies are mostly female dominated, it is probably she has little chances of meeting guys.

3. She likes staying indoors.

She simply likes keeping indoors due to lack of experience with men. Basically, a man will ask for a tour, a trip across the field and a date at night. If you are accustomed to this, you will find less joy staying inside.

4. She does not treat men with interest.

A lady who has experienced a real treatment by some guy will definitely offer respect to follow men. She fully understands and conquers with the power. However ladies with no boyfriends will not care about men. She will brush shoulders anyhow and her presence amid men will not show any sign of care, respect, interest or participation.

5. She is always hanging with fellow women.

She loves girl company. She will always stick to large groups of girls anywhere and anytime. She does not find time for a guy and she completely has no interest.

6. She probably does not know how to text.

This is the most interesting thing about communication with a woman if she has never been into a relationship. If she hides, you will know by how she chats.

She does not know how to maintain communication, shortening texts and most importantly responding to flirty messages. She is turned idealess due to lack of contact with guys.


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