15 'Secret' Things Some Women Will Never Tell Their Men, Based On My Experience

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I can tell few things which majority of women (can be lesser too but this is purely based on my experience as an individual) never tend to share with men. Some of those secret things includes:

1. When the guy says “how are you”, and the girl replies with “I'm fine”, she's probably lying. She probably feels like cr*p and has something on her mind.

2. When you're on a date, and the girl says “I'm cold”, that's your cue to offer her your jacket.

3. When she wants to pay for the meal, offer to split the money half way. If she refuses to split, just listen to her and just let her pay.

4. When you're having an argument with a girl, just remain silent. This will give her time to reflect and she'll eventually come running back feeling guilty for her stubborn actions.

5. When she's on her period, all she wants is space and chocolates. She may also be hormonal. Instead of making jokes about her mood swings, ask her if she needs anything.

6. When she's annoyed, she may bottle her emotions up. Just ask her if she wants to talk when her character seems off.

7. Most girls love attention, but be careful not to be too clingy.

8. Just because women are kind, doesn't mean they interested in you.

9. Be careful when falling for a girl who gives you attention. She may just be trying to be polite and you're probably in the bro-zone.

10. Women love it when guys compliment them. No, not pretty or beautiful. Girls love it more when the compliments are not just one word. When the compliments involve being called “intelligent”.

11. Every girl has imagined her life with every guy she has met or known or is friends with. So, she has already decided on a yes or no before you even think on proposing to her. And that’s how she would behave from the start.

12. Yes, that girl has stalked you. Probably even when you haven’t told her about your best friends or your trips, she knows about them. And when you tell her, she might act like she doesn’t know a thing, but trust me, she knows your history.

13. Girls, sometimes, just want you to listen. And not advise her. She can deal with it herself. Sometimes, she just doesn’t want to feel all of it alone.

14. Girls like it when guys are direct, upfront and honest. Take your time to ask her out, but remember she has like 10 more options which she would never tell you.

15. Girls screenshot parts of your conversation which they like. Most girls share it with their best friends. So think before saying.

Ladies, do you agree with these list???

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