'Economic Model or Vision Are Deceitful' President of LSK Warns Mt Kenya Leaders on This.

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The president of law society of Kenya Nelson Havi has slammed the presidential aspirants in what he terms as politics of deceit. The key politicians,that have declared their wish to view for the top seat have been seen moving around outlining their agenda in how to revive the economy .

The deputy president William Samoe Ruto says it's only bottom up economic model that will help the common mwananchi to live a better life.The ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi urgues that 24 hour economy is best suited for the Kenyans. On the other hand,the ODM leader Raila Odinga says inclusivity and Azimio la Umoja will steer Kenya a head.

However, Nelson Havi has differed with them. In his Twitter account,he says that the two important consideration in contest for president of should not be based in economic model or Vision. He says they are uncessary and deceitful.All that Kenyans need us a president who will respect and uphold the constitution.Futhermore, he advises the people of Central not to coarce the presidential candidates in deciding who will be their running mate.

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