2 Popular Nicknames Of Late Fuji Musician, Barrister, That Obesere And Muri Thunder Have Adopted

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A big episode, apparently, ended in Fuji music when the creator of the very popular genre of music, Alhaji (Dr.) Sikiru Ayinde Balogun better known as Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, died on 16th December, 2010. His death, though, after a protracted illness, still sent shock waves across the entertainment landscape in Nigeria, and even beyond. And, that was because no one really saw his death coming at 62 years. However, his legacies still live on, as many of his albums have remained ever green, almost 11 years after his demise.

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Meanwhile, since the painful passage of the Fuji music exponent, a lot of things have happened, and are still happening in the genre of music he left behind. And, part of the new developments the Fuji music industry has seen include a crop of artistes, coming up and labelling themselves, New Barrister, because they sound almost the same as the late Barrister, when they sing. In fact, there has also been a new female artiste who is quite marvelling in her sounding, and singing like the Ibadan, Oyo State born deceased Fuji musician, Barrister.

And beyond that, there is a certain thing that 2 Fuji music stars who were, interestingly, well established with their own different identities during the life time of Barrister, have now done after his death. And that is, adopting 2 of the popular nicknames Barrister used to be known with, as part of their own new nickames. To start with, the Fuji music stars in question are the duo of Asiwaju Abass Akande popularly known as Obesere, and Alhaji Muritala Madegun better known as Muri Thunder.

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Perhaps, to keep part of the legacies of the dead Fuji music legend, Barrister, whom they all saw as their role model in his life time, being in the consciousness of Fuji music lovers, Obesere on his own part has adopted Barrister's nickname: "Alhaji Agba" (The Senior Alhaji). While Muri Thunder on his own part, has adopted the nickname: "Mr. Fuji", which Barrister answered to, and proudly so, while he lived. Without doubt, any follower of Barrister melodious music in his life time would attest to the fact that, Barrister cherished those 2 nicknames so much that, he did special numbers on each of them, in some of his albums.

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But, now that the original owner of the nicknames has passed on, 2 of those he left behind to keep the flag of Fuji music flying, Obesere and Muri Thunder, have chosen to adopt the nicknames by announcing themselves as new bearers in their different albums. And, come to think of it, that is not a bad idea. Or is it?

So, where ever you see Obesere, you can call him, Alhaji Agba. And, if it is Muri Thunder you come across, you can call him too, Mr. Fuji.

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