The weirdest shoes ever made

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Shoes are so much more than just a protective layer of material that keeps your feet from scathing and injury. Shoes are a fashion statement, a detail that can turn your whole look from plain to extraordinary.

They can showcase your personality, make people laugh or scare the living daylights out of them but such unique shoes are truly hard to come across these days. You’re either left with generic boring ones or designer ones that will make your wallet wail in despair.

Although we have a long way to go on our list, this pair is pretty close to snatching the title of “the weirdest shoes ever made”.

These octopus shoes were created by a Filipino fashion designer called Kermit Teroso. Not many would be brave enough to wear them, but gaping at them? Oh yes, I could look at them all day long contemplating marine life, physics, and human anatomy.

Well, fear not, dear followers. We have assembled the ultimate list of the most extraordinarily weirdest shoes you can find. The good news is, that many of these are made to order so they can be customized to hit just the right spot with your preferences.

Let's check them out:

This shoe is just weird, imagine your leg being in a fish's gut. Many people take such shoes as fashion.

This shoe looks like a crocodiles jaw. Can you put your leg in that and walk comfortably?

Teeth like shoe (above)

This shoe is very weird, it is like an ice cube but it really has water in it. It is very huge and not that fancy but I wonder why people wear such weird shoes.

Fish like shoe (above)

This shoe has a long and curved mouth which looks weird. It looks like the finger nails of a slay queen.

This shoe looks like a banana peel but it us a shoe. Imagine wearing such shoe.

Do you find any of those shoes fascinating?

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