“Pit bulls must be banned” man complains after a pitbull did this to a young girl

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Community members are not happy with pit bull owners. Pitbulls are known to be vicious dogs that mostly attack and are capable of killing people.

There have been a number of cases where a pitbull kills a person especially younger children. It is definitely known that pitbulls are trained to attack and not let go, this is why most people end up severely injured or dead after being attacked by pitbulls. A young girl ended up dead in Pretoria after she was attacked by these vicious dogs.

Cummunity members have requested that the government prohibits people from owning pitbulls.

Some argued that there’s nothing wrong with pitbulls but the problem is the owner and how he decides to train it. Some train them to be more vicious and aggressive so that they can be guards at night and protect them from thieves and gangsters.

Kat Moeketsi commented “People are training them wrong, that’s it, if you cannot be responsible for it then don’t own it.”

Sihle commented “This dog killed someone months ago in my neighborhood but nothing was done to the owner “

Do you think owning pitbulls should be banned? Comment your view about these vicious dogs

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