The Guarantee of Purity, Holiness, Sanctification is The Hope of His Coming - Declares Archbishop


Nicholas Duncan-Williams has proclaimed that, the only guarantee of the believer to exhibit "purity, holiness and sanctification is the hope of his coming".

Popularly known as the Papa and the Presiding Archbishop and the General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministries (ACIM) said, the belief in the second coming of Jesus Christ and its concomitant judgment of humanity is the reason why believers must live a life of purity and sanctification. 

The coming within the Christian faith is normally referred to the second coming of Christ Jesus, the son of God unto earth. 

"If we lose hope of the coming of the Lord, we're to be pitied among all men. We'll fall for anything and we'll live and act and behave like we're not saved".

He further affirmed that, "The thing that preserves our purity sanctification and holiness is the hope of His coming" which is the fulcrum of the Christian faith.

The Archbishop defined hope as "The constant expectation that, good is coming from the Lord".

He added, this kind of expectation from hoping must be based on God's promise because it is that promise that energises the believers' faith.

Duncan-Williams in affirming his point made reference from the Bible stating that, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen". But, was quick to clarify that, the reason why faith is the substance is because "Faith is the product of the word of God and hope must be the product of promise".

In referencing the Bible again, he quoted from Jeremiah 28:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".

In elucidating the above, he said this is what produces true faith in God and that, even if the present circumstances of Christians are not good, one can hope for a brighter future. That hope is based on God. "That your tomorrow would be better than your today. That weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning" he stated. 

He added," You must believe your latter would be greater than your past."

The ACI founder postulated that "Faith dwells in the heart but hope is of the mind. Faith speaks to your present circumstances, but hope speaks to the future". 

According to him, it is said that, where there is life, there hope but, he is saying that, where there is hope, there is life. But, was quick to warn his church members that, the trick of the adversary is to let you believe that, there is no hope for you. 

According to the Archbishop, once you believe there is no hope, then it means if you have no future to live for. 

He was speaking to his congregation at his church on the message titled "Hope and Faith" monitored his personal Facebook page "Nicholas Duncan-Williams."

Duncan-Williams concluded the sermon by reprimanding his congregants to be wary of the things they put their trust in. He added every material thing including money is sinking sand because all those things have expiry dates. The belief in the Lord is what guarantees the future. 


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