Best Jobs That Suit Agriculture - Biology Teachers


This is a combination of technical (agriculture) and science (biology) subjects, pursued under the bachelor of education, by those aspiring to become teachers in highschools. It's more engaging,since it involves multiple practicals in both areas. Currently the degree is among the most marketable, due to reduced number of graduates.

Actually so many people hate studying agriculture, because of the perception that it's tiresome and involves too much farm work. Everything takes efforts, nothing comes on a silver plate. 

Do you know that pursuing this opportunity gives you other options apart from teaching? Let me share the secret through this article. There are other side jobs which require skills taught in this area, and these include;

1. Forestry

Deals with vegetation, i.e conservation of forests, wildlife and water catchment areas. This is a government ministry by itself, which also works closely with the military ( Kenya Forest Services ) They work on horticulture, floriculture and tree planting sessions especially in deserts , to make them greener and productive. Ensures security in government lands is well maintained, to prevent excessive illegal lumbering, poaching and accidental forest fires. 

2. Medicine 

Works best if you choose pharmacy, as it deals with dosage, prescription and issuing of the right drugs from diagnose by doctors or laboratory results. Still gives a chance to do thorough research on herbal medicine, to minimize the usage of the chemical ones in an aim to reduce the increased number of cancer cases.

This is done through use of trees believed to cure diseases, then taken to the set centers for more check up , processed and issued to patients to heal a certain ailment. Pharmacists determine whether they are safe for consumption or not.

Also applicable in veterinary clinic for animal health. Wild and domestic creatures sometimes fall sick and need someone to attend to them and administer medication. Therefore, you can use the knowledge to offer these services to farmers and in game parks or orphanages.

Lastly, we have extension officer, this is a person who gives professional advice on how to grow productive crops or husbandry, basics of marketing products and earn much from the practice. They usually teach in workshops, the small associations formed in the villages or other times in cooperatives . Associates with banks to offer loans to interested parties for the purposes of activities like poultry, fishery production and cropping. 

All these need very little training then you're good to go for any . Utilize every free chance to have a good career life.