Petra Bockle; Female Rap artist who Refused to Join Occults in order to gain fame and fortune

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In addition to being one of the female musicians who specializes in rap music, Petra reals to BBC's Anne Ngugi that she is a woman who has gone through a lot of challenges.

What challenges has she gone through?

"Being a female artist in the music industry is not a joke, that you have talent but sometimes you find yourself in a lot of challenges where if you are not strong and have a brave heart you will find yourself in a trap," says Petra.

And for the first time in the media this artist has taken courage and shown the other side of the music world who in her opinion is the darkest. Petra says that when she started music at the age of about 10 she used to think that if an artist had talent it would be easy to build and succeed but the truth came to her several years after she started to be known in Kenya.

"I was still young in the world of music, I did not know that there would be a time when I would be exposed to a lot of temptations, which were aimed at increasing my popularity and also having immediate influence and wealth," says Petra.

She says that one of the temptations was through people she knew well, for example people who were close to her such as friends, her music friends and even other artists from abroad.

Joining Occults

She says that there was an attempt to associate her with Occults. Through these, she had been promised that she would get rich quick and also her popularity would be extraordinary.

Petra says that it was not the first or second time she witnessed some of her friends with a lot of money that she did not know the source but for her part she failed to engage in the required occults.

Although she was reluctant to talk much about the world of occults, saying that she feared she might be exposing secrets, she acknowledged that there were musicians who benefited from the occults.

She says joining the occult would have cost her her life if she had joined. "Without further ado, I did not realize that there was a cost to becoming a rich and a wealthy artist, in my mind at the time I thought talent would open doors for me easily. I have to fight twice to achieve my goals," she said.

Yet Petra says that just as there is a world of light and darkness it is the responsibility of the adult to choose what he wants and every choice has its cost.

In addition to the challenges of the artistic world Petra has also found herself in the process of breaking up a marriage which she cites as part of her pain that led to her suffering.

Petra dated a man and they fell in love. The two had a love affair that has been featured even on social media in Kenya, but it did not work out. "Women want to get married, as a girl I wanted to get married, but when I got into it I started to realize that it was not easy, a lot of things were happening and I was so stressed.

Before her marriage ended she admits that she became pregnant for the first three times and gave birth to babies who died shortly after giving birth, except for her fourth surviving son.

Who exactly is Petra Bockle?

Petra Bockle (born 14 May 1995) Mombasa County is a rapper, songwriter and singer of Kenyan and Seychelles origin. Petra Bockle was born to a Kenyan mother and father from Seychelles. Her father died in 2004, when Petra was nine years old.

Petra has worked with international stars such as Bobby Valentino and Vybz Kartel, with a view to expanding her singing or rap talent. As a female artist Petra is of the opinion that female artists should not wear revealing clothes as an acceptable way.

Her emotions stem from her musical pursuits where she finds herself advised to wear revealing clothes which she does not agree with.

Source (Anne Ngugi BBC).

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