Dating a broke guy versus a rich guy: this is what you should expect.


Many people have their own preferences when they want to date a man. Some consider the physical appearance of the man and nothing else! There are others who consider the financial status of the man.

A lady will always prefer a rich man to a struggling man. There are consequences of dating either a broke man or a rich man. If you're dating a broke man, expect these things.

1. Not all your needs can be met in time. Being broke does not imply poverty. In Ghana, if a person is said to be broke, people only consider him to be poor.

Those people are considered bad choices by ladies who are just opportunists. A broke guy cannot meet all your demands but it's just temporarily. If you accept to date a financially unstable person, know that he will eventually find his feet; no condition is permanent.

2. Dating a rich dude comes with lots of benefits ranging from getting your needs satisfied to being 'spoiled' occasionally. Most ladies never love to struggle in life but are after men for survival. But there are prices to pay for following flashy things in life. Some guys are actually making their money genuinely.

Such people are always busy, making money. So a lady will not get all the attentions needed in the relationship. So if you're dating such a guy, you shouldn't complain of lack of attention. Where do you think he gets the money to 'spoil' you?🙄

Some rich guys are reincarnation of Lucifer! They don't have any qualifications to work and also refuse to apply their strengths in any productive work. Such guys resort to blood money or fraudulent means for survival.

Mostly, you can't tell whether a person's success is genuine or not. It is only when things begin to go wrong that the truth become glaring to everyone. Ladies who follow just any rich dude also have their fair share of trouble.