" I received the news that my house is burning. I'm not okay"- Man cries

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A guy on twitter is so heartbroken after receiving a call from Johannesburg. His house burnt down and he was not even there to see what caused the fire. He says nobody knows what happened but people think it's because there was load shedding, something happened when the electricity came back.

"Hi guys, I m out of Johannesburg hustling and I received the news that my house is burning. I'm really not okay, considering the distance from Butterworth Eastern Cape to Roodepoort Ruimsig Gauteng, it's far. I m devasted." He cried.

"It happened to me 5 years ago. You will recover, I promise. As long as your family is unharmed, everything is going to be okay. It's devastating I know, but you will recover." Said @Carol.

"I'm so sorry for your loss, if life has not been lost its better than material. Strength to you may God help you." Said @Bongs_Live.



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