You Will Soon Start Paying Higher Rates to KPLC than You Pay Now

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Taxpayers are having it tough already due to the hard economy and what makes matters even worse is the fact that power rates are expected to go higher.

Taxpayers are expected to pay an extra Sh. 1.7 billion upon successful completion of the new power line linking, Nanyuki and Meru after the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) blocked the erection of overhead cables above the military base in Nanyuki.

This news has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media platforms with many agreeing to the Kenya Defence Forces stand on not allowing the cables to pass overhead.

Other Kenyans on the other hand have criticized the action saying that the Kenya Defence Forces should not be blamed as that was pure poor planning of the project.

But come to think of it, how can live power cables pass overhead a military base considering jet fighters and helicopters are flying overhead? That will automatically distract landing and takeoffs at the KDF base.

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