Many artists are born in the bedroom studios. Master KG says never give up on your hustle. Read more

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It all starts with a silly dream that no one takes seriously. A lot of artists started as street performers who no one paid to much attention to.

The likes of King Monada started by entertaining people at weddings and shopping complex. But today they are famous recording artists.

Many artists are born in bedroom studios. Master KG wants artists to know that the bedroom studios has produced a lot of famous artists.

In the picture above Master KG can be seen chilling in what appears to be a bedroom and recording studio. This is because most artists start music while still living at home with their parents.

Once they make it big, then move out of home and build big houses with studios inside. King Monada is one such artist who just built a mansion in his home town. Never give up on your dreams no matter how ridiculous they may seem.


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