Signs You May Have Encountered An Angel


There are so many people out there who have testified to seeing unimaginable entities, many have also testified that something or someone which they know nothing about helped them someway somehow.

While others find it hard to describe what they've encountered, some others are very oblivious over what they've seen, they probably think it's one breeze or just a random bright light. The thought of having an Angel around you could be a little bit shocking.

However, Angels are everywhere, they always help with things that we as humans cannot handle on our own. They guide us, send us quality advice in different ways, such as your dreams and visions. They're always around to help us go through the rudiments of life. And there are also people who are naturally gifted with the ability to see and identify angles around them, they receive guidance and interpret information that they get from these heavenly messengers.

Angels have various ways of appearing and making their presence felt. Today, I'll be giving you some of the characteristics that Angels normally exhibit.

An Unexpected Bright Light

Angels are light beings. They carry the radiance and glory of God, they may sometimes appear as a sharp gust of light to whom they chose to reveal themselves to. You could see a glowing sphere or orb and not know what it is, it is most likely you may have had an encounter with an angel. You'll find out that it's very difficult to set your eyes on this entity because the light would be too bright for your normal human eyes to handle. If you've seen something like this, then it's most likely you just saw an Angel.

Shadows, Clouds and Mist

You probably may have had an occasion where you saw something somewhat from the corner of your eye, only for you to turn, look and see nothing. Angels also appear as gusts of clouds or mist. There may be times you must have looked at the sky and seen something shaped like an Angel, that could be an actual Angel or a group of angels that are connecting their energy together.


The first thing that comes to everyone's mind once they hear the word 'Angel' is wings. People usually have this imagery that Angels have giant white wings, with an extremely long robe, a golden lease and a sword. Somewhat, angles could actually appear to humans in this form. This could probably be the reason the Angels in the Bible usually told those whom they appeared to "Fear not" because their countenance and mighty nature could be a little bit frightening.

They May Appear As Humans

Angels can shape shift into any form they want to be in. Angels usually chose to appear as humans because they may want to assist you with things that you couldn't normally do without arousing any fear or suspicions. If you probably have had an experience like this, you could probably have encountered an angel.

Angels have so many ways of manifesting themselves, an angel could be that person who you don't even know from anywhere but gives you kind and genuine advice, shows you loved, gives you solutions to some or all of your problems.

It might be sort of shocking to actually think there just might be angels around you, but they are. They're a constant reminder that there is a God that is also patiently watching over all of us.