Heartbreaking| check the amount of food children are getting at school.

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The National School Nutrition Program is a government initiative that offers all students in low-income primary and secondary schools with one nutritional meal. The goal is to offer learners with nutritional meals in order to help them learn better. According to the program's annual report for 2013/14, it reached almost 9 million students in quintile 1, 2, and 3 schools.

The initiative also encourages the construction of school vegetable gardens and teaches students and parents how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The school feeding scheme initiative, which aims to reduce hunger and improve nutrition, is a globally recognized social protection tool that not only helps to keep children in the system, but also relieves financial pressure on parents and teaches children the importance of growing their own fresh produce.

Lately has been comments and complains about the amount of food learners are receiving, the portion are too small and the kids are left hungry


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