Former Staff of Joy FM and Now Lawyer, Attacks Multimedia Group, Puts All The Blame On Them. DETAILS


Multimedia Group, the leading media organization has been in the news this week, as outspoken legislator, Hon. Kennedy Agyepong, has embarked on an unstopping campaign to discredit the media house.

Starting with one of its leading journalist, who was in the thick of the entire Ejura unrest, Erastus Asare Donkor, the legislator lashed out on him, asking that, he needs to be beaten mercilessly. This suggestion which has been described as life threatening, in the light of same calls, which led to the gruesome murder of Ahmed Suale, has since been condemned by the management of Multimedia Group and 72hours later, by the umbrella Ghana Journalists Association (GJA).

Hon. Kennedy Agyepong has moved on already and launched a rather massive attack on the founder of the Multimedia Group, as In a fresh outburst, Kennedy Agyapong has warned the CEO of the Multimedia Group, to call his workers at Joy FM to order before he exposes the CEO, Kwasi Twum.

According to Kennedy Agyapong, Multimedia Group which is one of the biggest private media companies in Ghana was built with proceeds from the illicit drug trade and he can prove it, and warned Kwasi Twum, to be careful because one ‘Jones’ is still alive and he will show the whole of Ghana, where he used to send the drug to sell that he used the proceed to build multimedia.

Joy FM the drugs that were used to establish your firm if you joke I will expose you. Jones is not dead, I will show you, people, where you used to send the drugs,” Kennedy Agyapong said in an interview. I’m not afraid of Joy FM, I’m not afraid of you. If you joke I will disgrace people”, Kennedy Agyapong had said.

However, in a sharp twist, a former journalist with Joy FM TheSammy Darko, who moved on to become the BBC Africa correspondent for Ghana and is now a Lawyer and Lecturer at UPSA, has asked that, all the blame should be placed at the doorstep of Multimedia Group.

In a Facebook post, he wrote passionately that:

"Multimedia gave its platforms to Kennedy Agyapong to incite hatred against Anas& Tiger Eye P.I till Ahmed was killed. He has turned on you & ur boss & u now want to discredit him?"

Commentary following this post, have included the following:

Tyto Mvp Qramo writes "And now they want all journalist to join their crusade...Lai Lai"

TheSammy Darko replied "Tyto Mvp Qramo it’s not their crusade. It’s a threat against the profession and a human being"

Listowell Yesu Bukarson writes "Since the attacks on Erastus, one of my trusted boys from the newsroom, I have engaged him and assured him of my unflinching support as always. I have also, in a couple of posts on social media indicated, and justifiably so lamented, the manner in which multimedia has availed its enviable platforms, to this gentleman and many of likes to attack not just Anas, but many other people and institutions. I will deal with the later but for now, lets focus on how we support multimedia, to deal with this canker on its hands as the chicken seem to have deservedly come home to roast. It is, and must be a lesson learned in a practically hard way. #JournalismIsNotACrime#StrongerTogether!!

TheSammy Darko replied "Listowell Yesu Bukarson that has long been done. This post is not for that."

Fast forward, the Ashanti Regional Police Command says investigations into the formal complaint filed by The Multimedia Group, against the Assin Central MP, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, for threatening the life of one of its journalists, Erastus Asare Donkor, has commenced.

In a statement on Thursday, the Deputy Regional Commander, DCOP David Agyeman Adjem, acknowledged that his outfit has received the complaint and will periodically communicate their findings. Assuring the citizenry that, the police is committed to protecting life and properties in the region, DCOP Adjem said his outfit will continue to uphold the constitution and exercise their mandate dutifully.

“We shall endeavour to protect each and every person in the Region, as well as their property. We remain committed to this course. He, therefore, advised, “Let us allow the Police to investigate the matter and not to inflame passion and make comments that could ultimately mar the investigations.”

Again, in a related development, Hundreds of Ghanaians are massing signatories for an online petition to Parliament, for the removal of the Assin Central MP as Defence and Interior chairman for threatening the life of a journalist.

The petition which has so far grossed nearly 1,000 signatories and found on the famous platform reads that:

"Kennedy Agyapong is a notorious lawmaker in Ghana (Member of Parliament for Assin Central). He frequently abuses his position and power, by threatening the lives of ordinary citizens. A couple of years ago, he sat on his television station, namely NET 2 TV GH and threatened the life of an investigative journalist Ahmed Suale and went to the extent, of showing his photographs on television, inciting the public against him. A few short weeks after his actions Ahmed Suale was murdered in cold-blood."

Adding their voice to the condemnation, the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) registered displeasure on the verbal attacks on Erastus Asare Donkor and called for immediate protection.

“Against this background, we find Kennedy Agyapong’s attack on Erastus Asare Donkor reckless and highly disappointing, especially from an MP and at this time, when the country is still mourning the killing of Ibrahim Mohammed Kaaka and the two protesters. We call on the Police, to take note of the dangerous pronouncements and the threat that it portends, for the journalist’s life. We urge the government to call Kennedy Agyapong to order and take steps to offer Erastus Asare Donkor the needed protection."

Kennedy Agyapong, who has since been referred to the Parliamentary Privileges Committee, thanks to a motion by the Member of Parliament for Tamale North, Alhassan Suhuyini, has also attracted the fury of the outspoken Kennedy Agyepong, who says, he is disappointed in Alhassan Suhuyini, for dragging him before the Privileges Committee of Parliament.

Mr. Agyapong in an interview on his radio station, Oman FM, used some derogatory words at the Tamale MP, and also the Multimedia group.

“You cannot use the media and police to gag me. You make a statement that I should be referred to the Privileges Committee. I want to insult him. He is a foolish MP. Suhuyini is stupid. He hasn’t achieved anything in life so he wants Ghana to burn down", he said.

"I’m so disappointed in him. He uses everything for politics. They have taken me to the Privileges Committee. I will insult him more. He is foolish. The Privilege Committee is made up of human beings or they think being an MP is all I have. They think MP is the only thing I rely on. If they remove from Parliament, I will continue to say the truth. No one can stop me,” he said.

Mr. Agyapong said Mr. Suhuyini is fond of politicizing issues, adding that he’s ever ready to face the Privileges Committee. “As for Suhuyini, the least said about him the better. He goes ahead to drag me before the Privileges Committee? He is a foolish MP. So stupid. Left to him, the country would have burnt to ashes. I am so disappointed in him.”

“He is always politicizing issues. I am also disappointed in NPP because when Muntaka alleged that the Supreme Court judges are corrupt, no one suggested that he should be dragged before the Privileges Committee. You all can go ahead, to expel me from Parliament if you so wish. Do you think I rely on what I make as an MP? No one can silence me,” he added,

He also dared the CEO of the Multimedia Group, Kwasi Twum, to challenge the corruption allegations he has made against some staff members of the media organisation. “I am surprised at how shameless Joy FM is. Before Joy FM will have the moral right to report me, it should first write an apology letter to the families that lost their relatives in the Ejura incident, as well as the individuals who sustained various degrees of injury.”

“I stand by my words, they are all corrupt. Kwasi Twum claims he did not tell me in my office that the staff of Joy FM is threatening to sabotage the government because we no longer take care of them. I dare Kwesi Twum to come again.”

He warned the media house not to push him to the wall, else he will release all the information he has gathered about them.

“If Joy FM pushes me to the wall, I will expose all the information I have gathered about them. I’m going all out. You cannot use the media and police to silence me. I will continue to speak the truth. How can a media house, be this corrupt at the detriment of its responsibility to relay the truth? If there will be any disturbances in the country, it’ll arise from Joy FM” he said.

This is the second time, Kennedy Agyapong has been dragged before the committee.