Some people can never be Satisfied. Meet the Man that did 700 surgeries to look like a Doll

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We are in a world where many people are no longer satisfied with natural beauty anymore. Some want to look perfect and very beautiful.

Justin Jedlica, known as the Human Ken Doll, is an American man who has garnered international attention for undergoing over 700 cosmetic procedures

At the age of seventeen, Jedlica began to research his first cosmetic procedure, rhinoplasty . Inspired by watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as a teen, Jedlica saw body contouring and cosmetic surgery as emblematic of the wealthy, glamorous lifestyles he sought to emulate. His parents did not approve of cosmetic enhancements and Jedlica was forced to wait until he could legally make the choice for himself. Four days after his eighteenth birthday, Jedlica underwent his first cosmetic procedure, to reconstruct his nose.

As of 2012, Jedlica had undergone approximately 190 cosmetic procedures. These have included rhinoplasty , chest implants, shoulder implants, bicep implants, triceps implants, brow shaving and lifts , cheek augmentations , subpectoral implants,gluteoplasty , and lip augmentations.

Personal life

Jedlica was born in Poughkeepsie, New York , the oldest of four siblings. He was brought up in Fishkill, New York and Cary, North Carolina , and graduated from Apex High School where he first discovered his passion for visual and performing arts. Jedlica was raised in the Christian faith and says he considers himself spiritual.He said “I'm 6 foot 2 (188cm) and I'm as tall as I'd like to be and still able to be a bottom

The human Ken doll, who used to work as an air steward, claims his main income is from real estate. He inherited several apartments in Puerto Banús, in Nueva Andalucia, to the southwest of Marbella, Spain, which he lets out to tourists




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