[Read this]: Prayer for you before you sleep this evening


To whoever is reading this today, the Lord said I should tell you these things before you sleep. Today, this evening before you sleep, this is what you will happen to you.

1. You shall never suffer all the days of your life. The Lord who brought yoh this far shall deliver you from the snares of the fowler.

2. You shall prosper in life. You will always be victorious and nothing you shall do shall fail as long as you are alive.

3.Your children and your fiture Generations will all be prosprous in life. Yoh shall never regret giving birth to them. You shall live to see your grandchildren and great grandchildren before you doe.

4. Success shall be your hallmark. Whenever people see you, it is only victory they shall see.

5. Yoh shall be a living testimony for others. You shall never slunber and all your enemies shall doe at your feet. This says the Lord.

6. No matter what you are facing tight now, God knows what is best that us why you are in this current situation. He is preparing a greater thing for you in life.

If you believe this, shout a very loud amwn in the comment section.

Do well to share this to atleast four people befor you go to bed today. May the good Lord who protected Moses and the Isrealites protect you and your family in Jesus mighty name. Follow me for more insights and inspirational messages.

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