Have You Collected Your 'Huduma Namba' Card? Thousands of Cards Lie Uncollected in Nairobi (Photos)


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In a statement released by Starehe Deputy County Commissioner Flora Mworoa at least 240,000 Nairobi residents are yet to collect their Huduma Namba cards due to unknown reasons. Flora added by saying that only 43,000 of the 286,000 cards received in Nairobi County had been collected as more specifically in her area of jurisdiction in Starehe Sub-county only 3,231 out of 13,529 cards were collected.

The process of collecting your huduma card is not tedious as many think as it only entails following the directives issued through an SMS sent to all eligible citizens. However, if you have not received the SMS there is no need to panic as only 2.2 million out of 37 million Kenyans registered have received the text.

The government continues to urge people who have received the notification to visit their sub-county collection centres to collect their cards. If you are in a position please pick up the cards as they are meant to replace the National Identification cards (IDs) in the future.

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