"To Err Is Human and to Forgive is Divine" -Ada Jesus' Last Post Before Her Death


Social Media users and Nigerians were left with shock at the news of the death of celebrity and comedienne, Ada Jesus, who left to be with the Lord at early hours of Wednesday 21st April after suffering from a kidney disease for more than two months.

As I was scrolling through her Facebook page, I came accros her last post which she posted on 10th April and it happened to be her last post. The post reads; "To err is human and to forgive is Divine"

Such words melted my heart. She may have wronged some people with the choice of words she used in some of her videos, but nobody is perfect in this life. What God required from us is to mend our ways before it's too late as nobody knows when it will be his/her turn to answer the call of nature.

Her last post shows that she already forgive those that may have wronged her and I pray that those that she may have wronged in one wsy or the other also forgives her, because there is no forgiveness without sin. This is why Jesus challenged anyone without a sin to first cast a stone to the adulterous woman in the Bible.

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