Jon Moxley discusses the culture of AEW and compare it to an indie locker room.

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Jon Moxley is AEW and second ever world champion having won the belt from Chris Jericho in February. But at the moment he is unable to define it in front of any fans due to the corona virus pandemic.

Moxley was asked what it is like being AEW champion when there are no fans around when he joined the wrestling inc daily podcast.

"It's not ideal, obviously, for anybody that ppv was only seven weeks ago when I was celebrating bloody in a sea of fans," recalled moxley. "But now it's not like that anymore. My mother was at the show and i don't know when I am ever gonna see her again because she is barricaded up in ohw. It's challenging times and definitely not ideal."

He said that when he was on the jericho cruise it felt like one big family when they were all in the ring slamming white claus.

He says they all have a passion for this and it's an amazing culture that he is very proud of.

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