4 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Sleeping With Your Partner (Opinion)


We are all human, and as humans, we know that there are certain things that shouldn't be done at certain times.

We all know that there are certain times to do certain things and there are certain times you shouldn't do certain things. Knowing this fact is one of the things that differentiates us from animals.

Common sense and proper home schooling will tell you to cover your mouth when you thread, cough or sneeze, take care of the environment you live in, and so on.

When it comes to being intimate with your partner, there are some things that, like I repeat, are NOT OK to do. Often referred to as flaws or bad habits, they are very inappropriate at the moment.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, you should try to avoid this mistake at all costs as long as you are comfortable with your partner.

Below are four (4) mistakes you should avoid as much as possible.

Mention other people's names.

This is one of the scariest mistakes you will ever make when having sex with a partner. I believe this particular error caused a number of relationships to break down.

If you want to lose someone forever, try this and see how he or she will leave you forever, "my quotes are everywhere".

When you are intimate with your partner and are not sure what to say, it is advisable to remain silent.


You will agree with me that it is a mood killer and can control your self-esteem no matter how lost in your euphoria.

However, this can happen accidentally. However, try your best to avoid this as your partner may not understand this, especially if they smell a lot.

Check / tap your mobile.

Really? This means telling your partner that they are wasting their time. It is also a bad mood killer because you will lose your partner's morale.

You should do your best to keep your phone switched on while you are with your partner. Even if your boss calls you, you can ignore him because you can always return the call once you get to know your partner.

Fell asleep.

This mistake is ridiculous. How will you sleep with your partner when you are intimate with him or her?

It just shows how disinterested or bored your partner is and it can cause serious emotional damage to your partner.

In my opinion, these are four mistakes I don't think you should make when you are comfortable with your partner.

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