Kennedy Fires Dag Heward Mills


In February 2020, a video surfaced of the author of the Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward Mills conjuring God's fury on a portion of his faultfinders. 

Refering to parts of the Bible, Bishop Dag Heward Mills conjured condemnations of uncleanliness among others on individuals. 

Over a year after the video circulated around the web, Kennedy Agyapong, a Ghanaian administrator and crusader against 'bogus prophets' has risked on it and he is stunned by the activities of the Lighthouse chief. 

Kennedy Agyapong on Monday April 27, 2021, complimented Dag Heward Mills for being in the service for more than forty years. 

"Are you saying he has lectured for a very long time. I need to know whether he began the congregation or took over from his dad. Assuming he has lectured for a very long time, he has taken great consideration of himself," he commended him. 

He was anyway discontent with the direct of the minister as caught in the viral video. 

He addressed why a righteous man will summon curses on individuals for scrutinizing, expressing that a for an evangelist of his experience, he ought to have known better. 

"Be that as it may, for what reason should a minister revile somebody for condemning him. What a disgrace. What is happening in this country. Is it accurate to say that he is not the person who has set up places of worship in abroad?. A companion of mine has canny children and he has persuaded all regarding them to leave Pentecost and become ministers in his congregation. Splendid young men who were architects and bookkeepers and I don't have a clue how he figured out how to persuade them to become ministers in Lighthouse". 

"The best charge is love Thy God as yourself. The second most prominent is love thy neighbor as yourself. On the off chance that you love your neighbor, you will not take from him, you will excuse him when he blames you. Along these lines, for a prophet to revile individuals the manner in which he did, he's a villain. He is more than evil. No one is prepared to advise him yet I have advised him. On the off chance that you revile individuals like that, you are shrewd". 

Kennedy Agyapong likewise requested that Reverend Obofuor quit duping individuals for the sake of God else he will uncover him. 

"God's worker is the person who is honest to his kindred man. This is the manner by which Obofuor works his congregation. Obofuor must be cautious. Obofuor you must have be cautious else whatever conversation I had with you I will say it. You can't keep misleading and accumulating abundance from the obliviousness of individuals. God won't favor you. 

"I figured individuals will gain from all we've said. I need you to show the great prophets. It shouldn't resemble we are against the congregation, we are against bogus prophets. Bogus Prophets can be found in Samuel and that is the place where the bogus prophet began. 

"The new confirmation additionally said that eventually there will be bogus prophets who will guarantee I'm the Christ, Messiah and the Savior. That is actually what we are capable and it reveals to you that we are at the end of days. At the point when you get that sign then you realize that the end is close so on the off chance that you need to change, do it now," he said. 


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