Mzansi Thanked Dj Maphorisa For Grooming Kabza The Small See Here

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In today's life if you don't have someone who will believe in your dreams you can die dreaming because it is not simple for people to believe in you. The are many people who are talented but nothing is moving in there life because no one is investing in there dream.

Phori took him in and showed him how to manouvre the game. Now Kabza is showing others the ropes .

Phori just gravitated towards Kabza seeing that Kabza and DJ Stockie are killing it. Perhaps he taught him a thing or two about the industry but Kabza would’ve still been Kabza without him.

Maphorisa is a well known international DJ who has been in the music industry for many many years and with the experience that he has is work with many people such as drake, nasty c and many more artist.

Am pretty sure if you put these ropes together you can even tow a bakkie or truck they look strong yong

Kabza knows how to finesse the game and how to pull some strings. And he definitely made sure to tie those laces up to his chest so that he wont fall out of the game.


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