After Defence Minister told Soldiers fighting B'Haram not to Fear Bullets, See what Shehu Sani Advised

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Yesterday, the Defence Minister, Magashi Bashir, visited the Army Troops that are in the Maiduguri to charge and boost their morale. The Minister During his message to Operation Lafiya Dole (Troops fighting Boko Haram), told the Soldiers not to be scared of Bullets. According to what Magashi said, if someone is not meant to die by a Bullet, then that Person will never die by a Bullet. But if a person is meant to die by a Bullet, even if that person is sitting in his living room, a bullet will still meet that Person at that place.

The Minister who is a retired soldier, told them that he was talking from experience. After the minister made that Statement, they have been Many mixed Reactions from people about it. Most people are not satisfied with the kinds of words of encouragement, the minister sent to the soldiers. This evening, Former Senator from Kaduna State, Senator Shehu Sani, reacted to what the Minister of Defence told the troops that are fighting Boko Haram.

Shehu Sani in his reaction via his Twitter account, was not okay with what the minister said. Shehu Sani advised that, there should be a better phrase that he would have used to encourage and boost the morale of the troops, rather than tell them "not to be Afraid of Bullets". Here is the screenshot of his tweets

Here are some mixed Reactions from some people on Twitter

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