Here Are The Most Expensive Bicycles In The World, The Most Expensive Is Worth $1 Million.

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Here Are The Most Expensive Bicycles In The World, The Most Expensive Is Worth $1 Million.

Lamborghini X Cervelo P5X $20 000

The limited edition Lamborghini Cervelo P5X triathlon bike will set athletes back $20000 but it comes with a stunning paint job

Aston Martin Limited edition one $39 000

Legendary car manufacturer Aston Martin have thrown their hat into the bicycle ring with the launch of their One-77 superbike, which we reckon features enough gadgetry to persuade James Bond to switch to two wheels.

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain bike $60 000

American luxury brand Chrome Hearts in collaboration with prestigious bike manufacturer Cervelo have designed this limited edition racing bike Chrome Hearts x Cervelo Bike. This bike has been decked out with custom Chrome Hearts graphics, leather, precious metals and rhinestones.

Trek Mason 7 - Diamond $74 000

The Madone SL 7 Disc combines advanced aerodynamic performance and all-around ride quality with the blazing-fast, reliable shifting of Shimano's all-new wireless Ultegra Di2 electronic drivetrain

Awurumania Gold Bike Crystal edition $114 000

Bike company Aurumania has come out with their new Gold Bike Crystal Edition. Every visible part of the bike is 24k gold plated and the bike features 600 Swarovski crystals

Kaws Trek Madone $160 000

Madone is the ultimate superbike. It delivers the triple threat of advanced aerodynamics, superior ride quality, and unprecedented integration on every ride

Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept $200 000

In the same charity auction, Trek sold $800,000 worth of other bikes designed by world-famous artists and ridden by Armstrong in major cycling events.

24k Men's Racing Bike $393 000

This 24k Gold customized racing bike was publicly acknowledged as the most expensive bicycle ever sold. The limited-edition of one, gleaming pedal bike sold for approx.. $250,000 from our luxury Dubai retail store, purchased by a local Emirate. Goldgenie plans to make several more editions to the range which will include diamonds and an exotic leather saddle. Goldgenie, Re-defining Luxury.

24k Gold Extreme Mountain bike $1 Million

The Gold Fat Bike stood out – and continues to do so – from other gold or gold-plated objects by the fact that every bit of it was covered in it. Everything from the wheels to the crank, the pedals and the brake rotors was plated in pure 24K gold and certified.

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