Beware of fraudster who claim he works with TV3 Network Ghana Technical Team


This gave birth to an experience with a fraudster and sharing with you is what transpires in the twilight. 

I brought into the world a phone call from a man who alleges he is named Amoah Enoch and thay he works with the technical team of TV3 Ghana 

According to him, TV3 is establishing a WhatsApp platform for that matter, he is putting in some of us in order to seek our opinions on some news items before telecasting each sunset.

I welcome his idea and advised him I appreciate his undertaking for selecting me to be a basis of the team.

He then proceeded and said a WhatsApp code has been delivered to my phone, to confirm before I will be activated on the platform, so I should be online and remark the statute to him. 

So when I surveyed while while conversation exists and saw the WhatsApp code but was relatively I play a lot of intelligence in all things, so that enhances how smart I prevailed

This is not all 

I realized that he needed to use the code to reset my WhatsApp and take access over my sim card which could lead to perform bunco in my name. 

So quickly, I hang out the call to check my WhatsApp, only to realize that my WhatsApp was demanding a new code for reset, as though changing from a previously used number to a new contact number, so I, instantly dismissed it by canceled the whole procedure.

Thrill everyone to be attentive but read information about what comes in and out of your mobile phone in order to be sure of what you resist or relevant to you 

The process could have lead to the WhatsApp account hacked and get peoples information put out there without the original users informed. 

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