Meet the man who live with tigers, lions, cheetahs, and monkeys but still treats them like humans.


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In our generation, it is very difficult to find certain acts in existence as people seem to be amazed by what this young man and his team have been doing. He is popularly known as Kody Antle. He has come to establish the fact that all things are someway and somehow possible as it has not been quite easy as it seems currently as be strongly believes animals and humans can live in peace and harmony.

In his posts on his active social media page that is Instagram, you will be stunned with the work he is putting in and how far he has gone to be able to achieve his dreams. His reserve, is known as the Myrtle Beach Safari in which he claims is always open to visitors and that is where all these animals including monkeys, lions, tigers, elephants and cheetahs are kept.

The work he does clearly makes him much happy as he claims these animals are his main family. One might be wondering how difficult it was before establishing such a huge and mysterious family for himself, the money involved in feeding these large group of animals. The time needed to live with these creations for familiarity to become a key aspect of their lives.

Checkout Kody Antle's social media page below.

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