The system is not working: School bus spotted carrying coffin instead of school children


The level of strange things going around the world are too extreme to be believed. It is as if every morning, new stories arises from all corners of the earth. The whole world this morning woke up to hear the death of Nigeria famous man of God, Prophet T. B Joshua. Many do not believe the news as some of his followers and church members has stormed the church premises to verify the news for themselves.

As Nigeria and the world are mourning his departure, there are other people who are using a school bus to carry the coffin from one point to another. How possible is it that, a school bus used to convey school children to and fro on daily basis be used to carry coffin.

This is another version of the National Ambulance which was used to carry loads of cement bags some few days ago. The country is not working because, we the ordinary citizens are sabotaging the progress and development of the nation.

It is time we change our attitude towards everything, especially the environment where our lives depends on.


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