Meet The Man Who Sued Guinness World Record For Giving Him An Award

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There are many weird people around the world that you may have heard or read about. Today we are going to tell you about such a strange person. We are talking about Jonathan Lee Riches. He is called the most litigant in the world. This young man had filed the first lawsuit against his mother.

In that lawsuit, he told, 'his mother has not taken care of him well'. He also won this case and he got compensation of 20 thousand dollars. After winning this case, the young man filed a case against his friend, maestro, neighbour, relatives, fiancé, police, judge, famous companies and even George Bush. So far, the number of cases filed by him in different courts has reached close to 7600.

When Jonathan Lee Riches heard that Guinness Book Of World Records planned to name him as “The Most Litigious Man”, he did what he knows best: he sued the record-holding institution to have his name removed form the book! Since 2006, Jonathan Lee Riches has filed more than 7,600 lawsuits in various US district courts.

Riches, who has reportedly filed pleadings in over 7,000 federal cases in courts across the nation, claims that he has filed more than 6,500. You try to master your craft, trying to get better at your craft,” he stated.

 Undoubtedly, many people hope that Riches’ legal work will improve, given that his suits are routinely dismissed as “frivolous” and delusional, and some courts have barred him from further filings. In fact, it’s unclear whether he has ever won a case.

He filed a lawsuit against the makers of the Grand Theft Auto IV video game, claiming they had put him in prison where he faced “imminent danger from violent inmates who played Grand Theft Auto who will knock me out and take my gold Jesus cross.”

He appeared on TV show where he was asked some questions about his single life and why he died Guinness world records "Why are you still living alone and without someone to love you?" was posed to him on a TV interview show. Then he burst out laughing and sprang off the couch.

The young man then sued the television station for dishonour. Then, he earned a fifty thousand dollar stipend. Do you fear that this man will sue you in the future? Please feel free to add your thoughts.

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