Big Brother Finally Reveals The Two Wildcards

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Big Brother has finally revealed the two Wildcards on the Big Brother Naija Season 6 Show. If you would recall that on the second day of the Show, Big Brother made it clear that there are two Wildcards amongst the Housemates.

According to Big Brother, the Housemates would have a clue about who the Wildcards are when they get to know each other. It's believed that the Wildcards are individuals who are very influential outside the House.

Earlier today, Big Brother asked the Housemates who they think are the Wildcards during the diary sessions. The responses of some Housemates prove that they are not sure yet who the Wildcards are.

During Maria and Pere's diary sessions, Big Brother made it clear that both Housemates are the Wildcards. I think no one would have thought Pere and Maria are the two Wildcards on the Show.

Who would you have predicted as the Wildcards if Biggie hasn't revealed it? Drop your comments and let's see what you think.

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