About 40-Youths Inflected with HIV Daily, Research Reveals


According to a research conducted by National Aids Council in 2020,more than aggregate of 40-People of age 18-24 Years are infected with HIV/AIDs (Human-Immuno-deficiency Virus)everyday.This means that 2 People contracts HIV every hour of the day.According to the report,more Kenyan Youths are now more Vulnerable and exposed to the Virus after more efforts were laid over curbing HIV spread in the infants and women.In the previous Years, women and children were the most vulnerable and the infection rate was very high which forced the Nation to give free education on HIV and STIs infection prevention measures and also called upon pregnant women to visit Hospitals at free bills for Delivery in order to ensure safe birth and secure the infants from mother-Child HIV transmission.

Young Youths Exposure to use of illicit drugs,peer influence,internet misuse e.g watching Pornography and poor sex education are some of the reasons for the results.

According to Online users comments from a post regarding the same report by the Citizen TV Kenya, 'James Rubiru' said that the government has relaxed in the fight against AIDs,he added that about 3 years back it was doing well but then relaxed which caused the 'culprits' to also relax in taking measures.


From more comments, Young Youths are said to be uneasy to take advice,on insisting more we can end up loosing even a larger number according to Byron Leacky,a Facebook user.

'Mary' also added that she's not surprised by the results on assessing of the viral videos from vasha's WRC Safari Rally.The Young Youths are also said to be turning more sexually pro-active and that the adult age should be lowered as low as 16Years.

Moreover,Evans Wandiege,a Facebook user proposed that HIV/AIDs education need to be taught to the public.He continued that,if people are taught of use of prevention measures e.g PREPs and condom Incase of any danger then the country will be safe in future.He also raised the need for mass HIV/AIDs voluntary testing to ensure that those who are positive but not on medication are allowed to start immediately since in most cases they are the key transmitters and hence this will save more Negative people from Contracting the Virus.

Also mischievous behaviours among the youths e.g Partying, giving themselves to sponsors and drug abuse have been raised as a red flag for the high HIV infections among the youths.

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