"All Bankers Must Declare Their Assets Or Risk 10 Years Imprisonment" - EFCC New Boss

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The new boss of the EFCC has been working wonders since he came into power, and only in his 40th age Director General Adbulrasheed Bawa, has shown the required acumen, boldness and spirit required to lead the EFCC to the next level, where they would be able to end all forms of financial crimes in the country.

As reported by the People's Gazzete, a new directive from the EFCC has required that every banker in the country publicly declares their asset. This is aimed at reducing the rate to which some bankers enrich themselves illegally. The director of the EFCC set the deadline for the declaration to be June 1st, and said that the directive is in line with the act of 1986 which quotes that Bankers are to make their assets known to their institution upon employment, and annually in subsequent years in case they get new assets.

If any banker is caught with assets worth more than his provable income, will be prosecuted according to the act of 1986 and such individual risks a jail term of up to 10 years. The directive is aimed at stopping money laundering from and by financial institutions, hopefully it would work to the extent the DG envisions it to.

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