What you should know before taking Kola nut.

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Kola nuts are derived from the kola tree which has a scientific name called Cola. It is a fruit that is rich in caffeine. This caffeine-containing fruit grows on the evergreen tree which has a height of about 20 meters.

Kola nut is bitter but when it is wholly consumed, it gives a sweet taste. It has several health benefits to the body and at the same time, has an adverse or dangerous effect on the body. the reason is that it contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. Bitter Kola has a nice and sweet odor and gives a smell similar to rose-petals.

3 effects of Kola nuts on the Body

It causes high blood pressure: hypertensive patients are advised by their doctor to stay away from consuming kola nut, blood pressure is increased by the stimulant properties. Old people need special consultation before taking it and in the same vein, it is safe for consumption to people who are health wisely fit.

Sleeping Disorder; Intake of caffeine constantly from Kola nut can lead to sleeplessness and stressful insomnia. If you have a problem sleeping well, distance yourself from Kola nut.

Death: Excess taking of caffeine can lead to or result in death. Similarly, taking too much Kola nuts can result in death. So beware and be careful.

Lots of effects it has on the body system, some of the undiscussed effects include, Causes Tremors, Dangerous to Diabetics patients, and also slow Blood clotting.

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