Top 5 Gengetone Artists in Kenya

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Gengetone, the local genre that is taking the country by storm with its raunchy lyrics and music videos. The artists, themselves, aren’t saying much in their songs; just having a good time, sex and alcohol. Of course, this kind of music isn’t sitting well with the likes of Ezekiel Mutua but they have found unanimous support on the internet. So, who are the top Gengetone artists in the country right now? Let’s find out.

5. Ochungulo Family

The band consisting of Nelly The Goon, Dmore, and Benzema are not new faces to the Gengetone scene. They have spawned a couple of viral hits like Aluta, and Kaa na Mama Yako. As for their music, it’s all about having a good time and their audience seems to love what they bring to the table with their music.

4. Sailors

Wamlambez? Do people still use that term as a greeting? I’m curious. That song made by the group of Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Lexxy Yung, Msilver, and Qoqos Juma didn’t know that they would have the most talked-about song of 2019. So much so that Ezekiel Mutua decided to ban the song. What I mean is that it was illegal for anyone to play that song outside of clubs. Aww, Ezekiel does care for the kids.

While they do have other songs like Pekejeng, and Wainame, everyone knows them for their Wamlambez hit. Quick question, why do they upload their songs on Mwalimu Rachel’s YouTube channel? Fans surely don’t want to be subscribed to unnecessary content other than that of Sailors.

3. Zzero Sufuri

I’m surprised that he hasn’t been arrested yet given that everyone knows that he loves using weed. It’s all entertainment so why bother. Unlike other artists in this list, Zzero Sufuri is a lone wolf and needs no gang to make a name for himself. To be honest, he is doing quite well for himself. With his popular hit, Zimenishika, and his recent song Matiati, what is stopping him from being the top act in Kenya?

2. Boondocks Gang

There is one thing that makes these guys be so high up in the list: how fast they release music. As I write this, they already released a remix of the meme-inspired Parte after Parte and it is trending on YouTube. Those guys work fast.

Of course, the choice of lyrics from the group of Maddox, Exray and Odi wa Murang’a can be wanting but people love them. All I need to know is Exray’s obsession with the word punyeto. Why does he say it all the time? I’m sure there are other words in his vocabulary.

1. Ethic Entertainment

Who else would be number one other than the guys who started this wave? I’m not sure if their hit song, Lamba Lolo, was accepted as a good song or simply that the video and audio quality were just bad. Who knows? That doesn’t matter now as they are having a meteoric rise in the music industry right now.

The group of Rekles, SWAT, Zila, and Seska has collaborated with the likes of The Kansoul, Otile Brown, and has earned a record deal with Universal Records. What about their music quality now? Uhm, it hasn’t changed much as they still use the same old formula. At this point, SWAT is just making us feel like we don’t understand the sheng’ language.

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