Rainfall Expected In The Country In The Next 7 Days, Check If You Will Be Affected

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The Kenya Meteorological Department has always been on the front line to ensure that each an every Kenyan get updated information about the weather.

The Kenya Meteorological department has recently sent a weather alert that will be lasting for 7 days starting from today 17th May to 23rd May 2022.

The main aim of the department issuing the weather alert is to allow Kenyans to be able to plan their day well and in case there is a heavy rainfall alert they relocate so as to avoid flooding.

In the next seven days a few places in the country will experience moderate to light rainfall and also most places in the country will experience dry conditions.

The areas that will experience moderate to light rainfall include the following;

Please ensure that you stay safe. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration if your areas will experience dry conditions. If your area will experience rainfall make sure you are wearing warm clothes to avoid getting infected by diseases associated with rainfall.

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