2 Beautiful Ladies Mercilessly Beaten For Stealing In Supermarket. [+VIDEO]

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With the current system of hardships, it is no longer surprising when people do certain things just to survive. In a video posted by Atinkanews.net on instagram, two heavy and curvy ladies were being beaten mercilessly by some men in a supermarket. According to the report, these two ladies were caught stealing foodstuffs in the supermarket. As a way to punish the women. The shopkeepers called for some men to come and handle the two ladies.

The ladies received massive beatings from the men who came in. They were beaten severely with sticks and belts. Their back and whole body received lashes from all corners.

Apparently, their reason for stealing is still a mystery since, they were not given the chance to talk. At the end of the video, the two ladies lied down on the floor as they weeped and continue to beg for forgiveness but the men paid no attention to their plea and continued to whip them without pity.

Do you think these two ladies were handled in the right way? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Below is the link to watch the video.


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